Info Edit

Gold Membership is a new premium service for Everybody Edits, the previous service being the Builder's Club, being replaced by Gold Membership on February 10th, 2016.


Main things you earn from Gold Membership, excluding golden crew banner and Ornate aura.

Gold Membership is narrowed down to a loyalty program, as in; you donate, you get temporary cool stuff to show off.

It's been worked on for 5 months, and the outcome is a tough debate.

Gold Membership is still being updated, promising to include new things such as a golden lobby skin, but as of now the staff are mainly focusing on upgrading to Unity, creating campaigns, fixing bugs, and overall doing great deeds.

In May 20 2017 lowered cost Gold Membership's

1 Month - from 50 to 13 gems or 1.50 paying real moneys.

3 Months - from 120 to 30 gems or 3.00 paying real moneys.

6 Months - from 220 to 55 gems or 5.50 paying real moneys.

1 Year - from 420 to 105 gems or 10.50 paying real moneys.

Screenshot 2

Some blocks from Gold Membership in use.

Trivia Edit

  • Gold Membership, unlike Builders Club, does not provide all blocks to a user.
  • Gold Membership allows players to put a gold trim on the end of any smiley.
  • It is possible to get Gold Membership for free by getting gems from campaigns.

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