Gold Membership

Gold Membership or GM, introduced on February 10th, 2016, is a purchasable feature that gives users golden items. It replaced Builders Club.

"Earn yourself some metallic gold items by donating to the game! Membership includes gilded smileys, blocks, aura color, and more!" -Shop description

Features Edit

List of features that GM grants you:

  • Golden border that can be added to all smileys
  • 4 golden smileys
  • Ornate aura and golden aura color
  • Golden sign
  • Golden crew faceplate
  • 5 blocks (of which 1 is platform)
  • 3 backgrounds
  • GM gates/doors

Duration Edit

Unlike beta, GM is not permanent when purchased, but it can be repurchased. These are currently available durations:

Duration Cost in dollars Cost in gems
1 month
13 Gems
3 months
30 Gems
6 months
55 Gems
12 months
105 Gems

Notes Edit

  • If you had Builders Club when GM was released, your BC would be converted into GM.

Tips Edit

To get best of GM and support Everybody Edits it is preferred to buy 6 or 12 months of GM, but here is trick to get them cheaper: