The Friends System is a system where you can add friends by typing their email when you click the big green 'Add' button. The blue bird is used to allow users to connect to their Twitter account. Removed in 2014.


To add a friend, you click on the tab labeled "Friends" and click the bar that says "Add." Then, type in the username of the person you want to add as a friend. Be careful to have their name spelled completely correctly, or it will not add them! If all goes well, when you click on the "Pending" button their username will show up. Now all you have to do is wait!

If you are receiving a friend request, an notification will appear showing the username of the person trying to add you, and simply hit accept to get a new friend.

If you feel it's time to cut ties with someone, hovering your mouse over that friends bar will show a little "delete" option in the bottom left corner.


The friend bar's main feature is to allow you to know when your friends are online, and what level they are in. You can instantly hit the 'play' button right beside their name to head to the same level. In a world, friends will have a green username.


  • In the end of 2015 the Inbox Update allowed you to send messages to your friends and reply to the "mails" your friends send to you.

Trivia Edit

  • The Friends System used to be for Betas only as it was still progressing but it got released for everyone to use, even Non-Beta members.
  • As of 11 April 2013, Builder's Club was allowed to have 20 extra friend slots (40 total) as a "premium" for being a Builder's Club member. They could add the extra friends for as long as the membership was active. After the memberships runs out, however, you can not add any more friends (assuming you are over the limit of 20), but any friends added during the membership will not be deleted. In 2014, when there's 50 friends slots, they gain 25 more. Assuming to GM, it doesn't work anymore.

Gallery Edit

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