This is where you can vote for the Everybody Edits of the Month! Award. This can be a player who edits a lot, been really friendly or anything that is positive towards the wiki! Votes will be closed on the 29th of each month, so make sure you get yours in. You cannot vote for yourself, as that would be cheating.
Users who have won a EEOM cannot be entered into the next competition, so please remove anyone if they have been nominated again. The winner gets to have a message put underneath their name. The winner can choose a comment towards them to be featured, or can ask someone to write something about them. You cannot vote for more than one person. NOTE: You CANNOT influence any votes by messaging someone anywhere. The edit will be found, and the vote will be removed. Also, if your reason is deemed unworthy or is influenced by someone else, then your vote may be removed. Also, if you influence someone on chat, it will also be found.

Nominator Notice: When nominating someone, you should make a Level 2 Section with ir name. This shows you what you need to type in. Please fill in the gaps correctly. If you nominate someone and decide against it, then do not remove your nominee. Instead, get someone else to take your place as the nominater. If that can't be done, then a few rules must be applied:

  • If your nominee has no significant vote difference, then the nominee may be removed, however can be renominated with the same votes as well.
  • If your nominee has a chance of winning, you will have to leave the nomination.

==<Nominee name> (0)==

Nominated by <your name> and confirmed by <administrator's name>

===For (0)===

===Against (0)===

===Comments ===

Nominee Notice: After being nominated, you can enter reasons on why you should be nominated next to the "nomination sentence". A nomination closes on the 29th of every month. The nominee with the highest difference wins the Penguin of the Month! The difference is calculated by the number of votes "for" you, subtracted by the number "against". You cannot vote against anyone when nominated. You cannot remove your vote either, unless for certain circumstances, however leaving it as it is should only be the action that is taken.

Voters Notice: You must vote in either "For" or "Against". If you vote in for, you have to sign underneath the "For" heading. To do this you have to type this in:


After you have signed it, you must change the number in the brackets up by 1. (e.g if it was at 3, it means 3 people have already signed it. Change it to 4 when you sign it.) This is also the same with the number by their name. If you vote for, you must also increase the number beside his name by 1.

Please remember to use "#" instead of the usual "*", because it numbers the votes making it easier to count them.

You can also remove your vote. If in any case you change your mind, do not remove your vote completely, just strike it out and move it to the back of the list.

When voting, it is advised to give a valid reason. It is not encouraged you vote for your "friend", but to someone who you think has helped the wiki a lot in this month.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Do not write confirmed anymore when you say Nominated by Example and confirmed by Tif Or Nick. There is no need for this. Also, we now accept nominations here.

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