Remakes are remade (obviously) versions of the main game. The types of remake are:

  • Remastered
  • Retexture ( GUI / Smileys / Packages )
  • Hacks

Remakes Edit

After many tries to remake EE the latest remake is EBE. It is owned by realmaster42 and is the children of EE ICE. In perspective to Everybody Edits, it's using the second version.

Every Build Exists (EBE) is the only v2.0 remake of Everybody Edits at the moment, and has a lot of improvements that the original game doesn't currently have. Some of those are white and black pastel, hospital pack, gem codes, flipped signs and much more.

A bug that Everybody Edits has and Every Build Exists doesn't is:

-Morph Variant on signs never updating (inspect tool)

You should try sometime.

P.S.: Merging will never happen thanks to how the EE staff treat other remakes.

Retextures Edit

There are probably many private retextures out there. A retexture is a copy of the original game which connects to the original game, but some textures are changed, such as smileys, auras, blocks, gui, etc.

One currently known, public and allowed retexture is, which uses auras made by SmittyW and suggested in a forum post.

Hacks Edit

There are multiple basic hacked clients being made every single update, but almost every single one is private and extremely basic. However, once every now and then, somebody goes overboard. One example from many years ago when EE wasn't getting updates for multiple months at a time, was EE Trololo (link got terminated).

There have been a few slightly smaller ones, and multiple ones with only one hack (such as Angelheart's Guardian Client, which allowed the use of pressing P to use guardian mode, now known as modmode). A more recent, overboard hacked client is 667 (many of you might have already heard of this). For many reasons the link will not be spread here, but you can probably ask around and get it ingame quickly.

Note; despite not being hacks, but rather exploits, they are called "hacked" clients for simplicity.

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