Gems are a paid currency in everybody edits. Unlike energy, it must be paid for, and can be used instantly. The money sent to Chris is used to support the game. Recently, the options for gems has decreased to only 50 gems for $5, 105 gems for $10 dollars, and 220 gems for $20. This is suspected to be a possible scam, because the player cannot get as much "best value for money" from buying in bulk. Further more, GM has a price of 50, 105, 220, 420 gems... just 5 gems more than what you can get for $10 dollars.

They can be bought many diffrent ways: Edit

  • Kreds (KONG)
  • PayPal
  • Super Rewards
  • Gambit (Phone Payment)
  • Facebook Credits

If there are more methods, please put them here.

Gallery Edit

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