Everybody Edits Beta program was a special feature where users could get special blocks and worlds. It was replaced by the game's Builders Club, but added back in the shop since the big update by NVD.

Everybody Edits in BetaEdit

Beta has been released at 17th August 2010. The cost of Beta was 75 gems or 7,50$. Beta users were given a special pack containing ten blocks, six smileys (shades, devil, confused, winking, crying and frustrated), and two worlds.

  1. Beta World - 200x200 - a new size world that everybody can play this, but does not appear in one's profile.
  2. Beta Only World - 200x200 - only Beta Members can join this world, and also does not appear in one's profile.

Beta members also tested new updates like Great World, Friend List, Potions, BC, Clown, Double Jump, Ice and even Smilies or Blocks that the Moderators (Benjaminsen, NVD, JaWaPa, Toop and Processor) aren't sure that people will like, so they test it for bugs and reception of the community.

Beta members also had exclusive access to the beta site.

As well as a beta exclusive sub-forum (which no longer exists) on the official forums.

Plus in the big update of NVD (moderator) we have been added three new blocks to the game and a plus smiley added, which that plus smiley its a clown smiley... Then the new four blocks we are: orange, cyan, white and black.

Update 12th December 2012 Edit

Mr. Shoe and Benjaminsen have released the Builders Club. Now, it's impossible to buy Beta. Beta members keep special things like Beta Bricks, Beta Smileys (can be obtained for the time you are in the Builders Club,but will bet taken away once BC expires). And features they also still get to Beta test new blocks and features. However, Builder's Club has Beta Bricks and features. On December, 2012, all beta members were given a one-month trial period of Builders Club. This update (and woots) were unpopular to hardcore players because after the great value of beta, members felt exploited with the overpriced Builder's Club feature that nullified what they had saved up for and bought. This update (and the lack of attention the developers gave to the community) ended up causing the majority of the player-base to leave the game.

Beta back in shop Edit

Since the last big update, NVD and the new moderators released Beta back in the energy shop. It costs 75 gems or $7.50 now. Builders club is still available, however, builders club memebers do not get any new features.


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