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Everybody Edits Beta program was a special feature where users could get special blocks and worlds. It was replaced by the game's Builders Club.


Beta smileys

Everybody Edits in BetaEdit

Beta Block

Beta bricks

Beta has been released at 17th August 2010. The cost of Beta was 100 gems or 9,95$. Beta users were given a special pack containing six blocks, six smileys, and three worlds:

  1. Beta world - 200x200 - a new size world that everybody can play this, but does not appear in one's profile.
  2. Beta only world - 200x200 - only Beta Members can join this world, and also does not appear in one's profile.
  3. Small saved world - 25x25 - for small Beta tests    

Beta members also tested new updates like Great World, FriendList , Potions , BCMusic, and even Smilies or Blocks that the Moderators (Benjaminsen, Cyclone, Toby, RPGMaster2000, Mrshoe, MrVoid) aren't sure that people will like, so they test it out on the beta members.[1]

Beta Smileys come from Facebook and the begin smileys come from facebook

Update 12th December 2012Edit

Mr. Shoe and Benjaminsen have released the Builders Club. Now, it's impossible to buy Beta. Beta members keep special things like Beta Bricks, Beta Smileys (can be obtained for the time you are in the Builders Club,but will bet taken away once BC expires). And features they also still get to Beta test new blocks and features. However, Builder's Club has Beta Bricks and features. On December, 2012, all beta members were given a one-month trial period of Builders Club.


Beta success

The login screen on the beta client while having 100 Gems

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