Energy Shop
Date released February 2010
Available? Forever
Update frequency 2012, alot on 2015.
Items sold Smiley, Blocks, Worlds, Potions, and Classics
Where found Energy Shop Section

The Energy Shop is a feature in Everybody Edits that lets the user buy items.

What's in the ShopEdit


Smilies are skins for the player to wear in a world. Smileys were locked after the addition to magic class, based on class level. The big spender smiley can only be purchased with gems, to support the game.


Blocks are used in worlds. Some blocks require gems only and others can be obtained by having enough energy to obtain it. Other items are stackable: you can buy infinite of them, but not the World Portal, Diamond, Cake, Hologram (used in your worlds).

Auras Edit

You can buy auras that it has: Multiple colors & Shapes. It have the Ornate Shape that it's buyable from GM (Gems & Payment).


Worlds are Everybody Edits main objective for it to be successful. In the Energy Shop, there are 9 different worlds with Great World, Huge World & Vertical Great World being the most expensive and Small World being the cheapest.


Classic items are old holiday exclusive blocks and smileys that are no longer available by energy, but can be purchased with gems.

Gold Membership Edit

Costs 50-120-210-420 Gems & same count as Gems. It have 4 Blocks, 4 Backgrounds, GM Doors and Gates, 4 Smileys & 1 One-Way. Exclusive Gold Border on smiley & Ornate Aura. Replaced the Builders Club.

Beta Edit

Purchase a set of smileys and blocks, and get early access to some beta testing. Was removed in 2012 when get replaced by Builders Club. Readded costing 7,50 $ and on 75 Gems in 2015.

Big Spender & Diamond BlockEdit

The Big Spender and the Diamond Block are the hardest items to obtain in the the whole Energy Shop. Big Spender are hard seen worn by players and the Diamond Block is really rarely seen in Worlds.

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