Effect blocks are action items that give players certain special effects or powers once they touch them. Effect blocks are identifiable graphically by their colors and symbols.

Effect blocks are action items that give players who touch them certain special effects. These effects can be disabled upon touching the specific blocks that turn off effects (EFFECTSOFF01). Curse and Zombie effects are timed and disable upon the death of a player

Name Energy Gems Description
Cm16 Multi-Jump effect 650 13 Players can jump 2 times or not jump at all (it has been updated to any integer from -1 to 999, where -1 means unlimited)
JUMPEFFECT Jump effect 650 13 Players jump twice as high!
FLYEFFECT Fly effect 650 13 Players can levitate by holding space!
SPEEDEFFECT Speed effect 650 13 Players move 50% faster!
Cm13 Low Gravity effect 650 13 Reduce the gravity
PROTECTIONEFFECT Protection effect 650 13 Players can't die and are cured of curse/zombie.
CURSEEFFECT Curse effect 650 13 Players die after X seconds, passes on contact!
ZOMBIEEFFECT Zombie effect 650 13 Infects players with horrible disease!
TEAMEFFECT Team effect 650 13 Sets player's team to the specified color!
Place Gravity Here Gravity Effect 650 13 Change the gravity of a player who touches it. (Think what that says)

More Info Edit

-The Protection effect is able to cure other players infected with the zombie and curse effects by touching them.

-Zombie doors and gates will toggle for players infected by the zombie effect (ZombieDoors).

-The team block permits 6 teams The symbol inside the block will display which team you will be assigned to once you touch it (TEAMS01). Depending on what team a player is on will dictate which doors and gates activate (TeamDoors), and the color of the symbol below the player shows what team they are on (TeamSymbols). Players can only be assigned to one team at a time. (The symbols are circular instead of square)