Tower of Babel
Name Tower of Babel
Creator EX Crew
Type EX Crew Level
Difficulty Hard

Tower of Babel is one of the maps created by the EX Crew and was released on July 21, 2010. Although received well overall, there were mixed reactions with some players disliking many of the challenge designs found in the map while others seemed to enjoy them. It is characterized by a large tower crashing down in flames that was once reaching up to the heavens


The title was borrowed from an earlier map built by MIHB, mustang, and smiley before they were in the EX Crew, where a tower that reached into the heavens was being struck down by an angry god much like in the story about the biblical Tower of Babel.


Tower of Babel begins outside of the tower and has the players enter from the bottom left side. There they progress from room to room as normal but as they ascend the tower the rooms become more destroyed and chaotic, with flames forcing them to take a different route than expected. As the players near the top, the rooms of the tower cease to exist and instead they must climb through the shattered remains of the tower surrounded by lightning and fire. When the players finally reach the clouds at they very top of the map, they will find a small platform with the words "Talk to God" written above, indicating they have reached heaven.

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There are currently no external links since the map has been removed.

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