The minimap of The Fall of Zeal

The Fall of Zeal is the final map created by the EX Crew and was released on August 16, 2010. It is known for its unique artistic style that stayed true to the title's source, Chrono Trigger. The difficulty of the map is generally considered easier compared to past EX Crew maps, but still challenging towards the end. This was the second attempt at the map by the EX Crew founders, for an earlier version crashed early in its production before they had the ability to save maps.


The title was developed back in late June before the official formation of the EX Crew, when a Chrono Trigger themed map was being conceptualized. It was decided that the map should focus on Zeal (a fictional kingdom from Chrono Trigger) since it would allow the map to include a variety of locations as well as the game's final boss, Lavos.


The Fall of Zeal has a fairly complex layout that leads the player on a journey though Zeal. Players start on the ice in the lower left side of the map and must travel up a massive chain to the Moutain of Woe before jumping across the floating islands. They then must climb a waterfall until they drop back down to the ocean and encounter the Skyway that leads to the golden Zeal Palace at the top of the map. From there the players reach the Mammon Machine and are dropped down into the Ocean Palace culminating in a meeting with Lavos at the very end. Originally Lavos was to be an animated boss, but the dissolution of the EX Crew disrupted those plans and instead a static room was created in its place.

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