Ex crew minigames

As can be seen in the minimap, Minigames looks like a standard world that was trolled

Minigames is one of the maps created by the EX Crew and was released on September 13, 2010. Despite having disbanded earlier, the former members of the EX Crew came together to create another map for their fans that was in fact based on rooms originally made by their fans. EX Crew Minigames is designed around the fairly original concept of carefully trolling a map to create a deceptive and difficult path through a standard minigames world.

Title Edit

The title was choosen on purpose to appear lame as a way to mock the numerous minigames maps that constantly clutter the worlds list at the time of this map's release. It is also a reference to how the fans made the original minigames and the EX Crew trolled it, creating a new and obscure path through the map to the end.

Layout Edit

Minigames starts off as a series of standard minigame rooms filled with very common challenges and a clear direction forward. However, only a little into the map the player soon realizes the world has been trolled and normal paths are no longer available, forcing the player to take a route that is not obvious and sometimes very challenging. Almost all of the rooms from then on disguise the true solution and sometimes even contain multiple exits that may require backtracking should the player choose the wrong one and reach a dead end. This essentially takes the concept of a red herring and applies it to the entire map.

Trivia Edit

  • EX Crew Trolled Minigames is now on campanign "Looks Can Deceive" February 2015.

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