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CUBE is one of the maps created by the EX Crew, and was first released on July 31, 2010. It was known for it's unique use of animation to close off certain paths and open others based on a set pattern, which forced the players to either wait for the path to reopen or take a different route.


The title was inspired by the movie Cube, in which a group of people were trapped inside a cube with a door on each of the 6 sides leading to other differently colored rooms often filled with traps. Since EE only has two dimensions, a square was used instead of a cube but the basic concept of moving from room to room navigating different traps and challenges was retained.


CUBE starts the players on the left side of the cube in a room with three exits to adjoining rooms. There are multiple paths and three different rooms that contain an exit out of the CUBE, and there are several coins scattered around the map in various rooms. There are a total of 36 rooms arranged in a 6 by 6 square, and as the player gets closer to one of the exits the difficulty of the rooms encountered increases. Due to the animation, a player would not always notice a particular exit, and many rooms were designed to purposely deceive the player into believing an exit was or was not really there leading to the next room.

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