Are you a god?
Name Are you a god?
Creator EX Crew
Type EX Pro
Difficulty Very hard

Are You A God? is one of the maps created by the EX Crew and was released on October 9, 2010. It's the second in the EX Pro series due to its extreme difficulty and it successfully surpassed Rainbow Roadrage as the hardest noncheap map ever created in Everybody Edits. Several new EX Crew members contributed to this map whereas many former members did not, although the same innovation and careful construction has been maintained.


The title was choosen as a challenge to the players to prove that they are gods in terms of their skills and ability at playing Everybody Edits. Only the best of the best were expected to overcome all 16 of the rooms in this map, and to do so would be considered godlike. The title also alludes to the overall theme of the map which consists of Greek deities and architecture.


Are You A God? opens up into a small lobby where players can either choose to take on the main 16 room challenge, enter viewing corridors to watch, or try out some minigames which were added to help appeal to those less skilled. The minigames wrap around the outside part of the central temple on the left side and contains 10 blue coins for the players to collect. The central temple contains the 16 main rooms in sequential order, and a gold coin is awarded upon the completion of a room. The 16 rooms were each named after a different Greek deity with representatives drawn on from the Olympian gods, the Protogenoi (primordial deities), and the Titans. The player was in fact being challenged by each of these 16 deities to complete a room made by them in order to become a god and join their ranks. The names of the rooms are as follows:

Room Number Greek Deity Description
1 Demeter Path through the room mimics the planting of crops
2 Aphrodite Symmetry and multiple paths represent beauty and multiple lovers
3 Hermes Fly to the exit as if you had his winged sandals
4 Artemis Zoom straight up like an arrow fired from her bow
5 Poseidon Dive into a pool of water, the domain of this deity
6 Apollo Embrace music and poetry as you flow gracefully through this room
7 Athena Violate the virgin goddess seen by the shape and motion of the path
8 Hades Plunge into the underworld in hopes of escaping the room
9 Dionysus Experience drunkenness as you are disoriented and deceived
10 Ares Use your courage but resist the urge for bloodlust as you try to escape
11 Hyperion Zip back and forth like a beam of light to the top and freedom
12 Aether Swirl around in a tangle of air currents set by this deity
13 Tartarus The deepest part of the underworld will spit you out again and again
14 Cronus Raw brute force and stamina are required to defeat this titanic room
15 Prometheus Use all of your wits and foresight to deliver fire to man
16 Zeus The ultimate challenge, are you a god or merely a demigod?

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