EX Crew Maps

The maps are from left to right and top to bottom: Illusion, OH SHIT BEARS, Tower of Babel, MF Levels 10 (by MFL), CUBE, Ice Level, Rainbow Roadrage, The Fall of Zeal

The EX Crew are a group of collaborators who develop and create maps in Everybody Edits. The group created several popular levels, mostly of a platforming-fusion genre. The EX Crew is generally beloved in Everybody Edits. The primary founders include MFL, MIHB, and mustang.

The following is taken from the EX Crew General Discussion thread on the Everybody Edits Forum and directly contributed by EX Crew member mustang.


"While all legitimate maps will have both the EX Crew Logo as well as a link to our dedicated tinychat:, the distinguishing feature of our maps is the integration between intricate artistry and innovative level design.

We release maps under the brands EX Crew and EX PRO: the former promising a balanced adventure platformer, the latter promising inventive challenge levels." fef

Maps released by the EX Crew:


Name of Map

July 8, 2010

Wrath of Vesuvius

July 10, 2010


July 14, 2010


July 21, 2010

Tower of Babel

July 31, 2010


August 7, 2010

Ice Level

August 10, 2010

Rainbow Roadrage

August 16, 2010

The Fall of Zeal

September 13, 2010


October 9, 2010

Are You A God?

July 9, 2012


(sometime), 2012

EX Crew Forgotten Veil


"Since we primarily use a private IRC channel, we are not likely to be in if a map is not up."


Wahaha was a founding member of the EX Crew.

Circa was the lead tester for the EX Crew until their disbandment. One of his achievements in Everybody Edits was his completion of Rainbow Roadrage, considered one of the hardest levels ever created in Everybody Edits, which only 5 non-EX crew members have managed to complete to this date.

EX Crew/Mustang

He returned to the EX Crew for EX Crew Minigames, a spoof of minigames levels.

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