A special thanks would like to go to these people:

  • ABC Boy, who was the first to find this wiki, and helped Sxerks a lot with the earlier pages. He seems to have vanished, but he was very helpful with this wiki in the early stages.
  • Master1, who was the designer of the graphics on the main page and the logo, and really dedicated.
  • Stop1it, who was the one after ABC Boy left he was the first to find the wiki. A special thanks to him for writing the guides and making awesome edits.
  • Mustang ex, who has been helping out with the bits about the EX Crew and their puzzles. He's been a major help with adding information about them!
  • TOOP, who has been updating the wiki with new images and new graphics recently, especially filling in information that can't be accessed by a normal user, such as prize information.
  • Everybody else who decides to help this project instead of vandalize. All of you are awesome and are helping this wiki to become the best place for Everybody Edits information.

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