Not to be confused with the official in-game Chat


EE chat, about to break 6000 views

EE chat was an unofficial chatroom for Everybody Edits discussion. The chat spawned from another chat named EverybodyEdits which was overrun because of spammers and a lack of mods. EE chat is home to varied discussion, most commonly by hacker/coders who look to the chat for help with things such as animation. The chat was located at It has since then moved to an IRC channel.


The chat has a total of four mods and one owner.


Sometimes known as EEchat, he is the chat's creator and responsible for maintaining the chat. He disappeared some time in August.


Is somethimes referred to as 'Salsa/Kaslai.


Also known as Airoptimisic, Alex doesn't do much interesting other then playing the guitar, but he's a sturdy member of the chat.


Hacks and moderates. Has a weird sense of humor. One time he added a dancing stick figure to a level advertising the chat.


A strict moderator; one of the first to create an Autobuilder to draw images in Everybody Edits. He is pretty much in love with Starcraft II and is almost constantly talking about it.


First to appear in the original EverybodyEdits chat with Chris. Dissapeared shortly after EEchat was formed.</p>


20,000 views, screenshot taken shortly after the chat was unbanned after nearly a month of being gone.



  1. Start counting from 0.
  2. Google is your friend.
  3. Don't ask how to animate. Or hack. Or to be a moderator.
  4. No impersonating other users. You will be banned without warning.
  5. Don't ask vague questions.
  6. Don't ask stupid questions.
  8. Don't use cout, cin, or similar streams. They are bad. If you don't understand this, don't worry.
  9. Make an honest effort to use proper grammar, spelling, and capitalization.
  10. Use common sense.
  11. Don't advertise.
  12. Don't
  13. write
  14. sentences
  15. word
  16. by
  17. word.

"Raids" Edit


Screenshots showing the view amounts before, during, and after the raid, along with a screenshot of 91 people being in the chat.

Raid Success? Edit

Continued raids over 72 hours eventually led to the closure of EEChat on October 6th, 2010. EE Chat joins the fate of the MGCrew chat and the EE community lives on in fear of another 4chan raid. Indiscriminate and malicious, they do not forgive, they do not forget. EE Chat was unbanned eventually, but now most of the users there go to an IRC room or a Beta World

External LinksEdit

link to the chat (

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