EE Animator is an editing tool created by Aslai that can animate bricks and convert images into bricks (although the images can come out strange). It can also upload levels to the main Everybody Edits server and create the old version of black bricks. A thank you to the creator of the animator was found in a map made by EX Crew.

EE Animator no longer worked for a short time due to Chris Benjaminsen adding encryption to the game server, but it has been fixed (The upload rate to the EE Server is decreased though).


Aslai is the creator of the EE Animator, a tool used to auto-build levels and have them become 'animated'. He's also very inept with programming langauges such as C++, GML and Assembler. He is a moderator in EE Chat.

About the animatorEdit

On July 16th, 2010, Aslai published the EE Animator on his website, which includes several games and tools. The animator was a simple tool that had all the bricks in game and allowed people to use WPE Pro to get their animations into Everybody Edits. Aslai began charging $1.50 USD to get a code for the animator, but quickly removed this feature due to personal reasons with his mom. The current versions no longer need a code, and are no longer maintained due to his boredom.


Aslai has his own website called Aslai Zone, which has several tools and programs including "Open Source Examples", "Games", and several other things.


Aslai's email can be found on his website, but he can also be frequently found in EE Chat at certain times.