This was made by LM71 and EE1 helped him.

EE1's Backround

Everybodyedits1 is a member of the PL Crew, with his best friend LM71, they have known each other since they started school, they also know eachother in real life. Everybodyedits1 is an official Everybodyedits spy (his missions and files are classified), he roams the crews and do something thats also classified. He started playing Everybodyedits at his friends house, Flamemaster123, this all started by Everybodyedits1 trying to play a game that involves building and strategy etc. he finally gave up, until Flamemaster123 showed him Everybodyedits, Everybodyedits1 loved it, in fact, the person who is writing this is Everybodyedits1, so hi :), anyway, brb

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