Duck Jump

4 Duck Jumps in a row

Duck Jumps are a type of puzzle. They consist of a wall 1 - 2 blocks in height, with a column of gravity pushing the player back to the beginning as shown in the picture. If the player jumps normally above the wall, they will be pushed backwards.

How to CompleteEdit

In order to pass through this minigame, the player must jump up normally beside the wall, then move right while falling down, goign through the 'Pass Area. A more detailed way to complete this puzzle is shown in the detailed video below:

Duck Jump Final

How to beat the Duck Jump (slow)

This is the only known way to complete this puzzle s\sdfo far.


Most people would agree that this puzzle is relatively difficult. The key is to press the right arrow key slightly slower than if performing the Two-Block Duck Jump. A picture below shows the One-Block Hook Jump.

Detailed PlanEdit

Below is a detailed plan of the Two-Block Duck Jump. The same applies to the One-Block Duck Jump.

Description DJump

Plan of the Two-Block Duck Jump

The sections are listed below with their corresponding numbers with the picture.
  1. Take-Off Zone - Player jumps up in this area.
  2. Backwards Gravity - Gravity the player needs to avoid
  3. Pass Area - Player passes through this area, heading to the 'Drop Out Zone'
  4. Drop Out Zone - Player drops here after passing the 'Pass Area'.

The yellow path indicates the movement of the smiley when peforming the Duck Jump.

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