The Dot Trail, or Anti-Gravity Trail, is one of the oldest puzzles that is still commonly used today, dating back to early 2011. It consists of a path made out of anti-gravity dots. A player must navigate the path with relative precision, lest he or she be sent back to the beginning by gravity arrows. This requires much patience, especially because of slippery physics. Dot Trails come in various widths; single-dot trails are the most difficult. Dot Trails may consist of horizontal, vertical, or (occasionally) diagonal sections. They can be exploited if the dots are close enough together. For example, in the picture, the player can easily hold up and right and skip a large porion of the dot trail, then catching the dot trail on the far right, proceeding upward towards the exit. For this reason, many level makers today use ladders, vines, chains, water, and swamp blocks instead of anti-gravity dots. Level makers also tend to put boost arrows in the place where there is no blocks to prevent exploiting. Note that some players would not like the tediousness of navigating the dot trail, resulting in the player quitting due to the extensive length of the dot trail.

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