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Decorations are a type of tile in Everybody Edits. Decorations are tiles that players can't interact with, but can show both in front and behind the player. There are many ways of obtaining Decorations, the most popular being from buying them in the Shop.

Name Energy Gems Description Obtained From
01 CHRISTMAS 2010 DECO Christmas 2010
25 Holiday decorations from 2010! Classic Shop
02 NEW YEAR 2010 DECO New Year 2010
25 Decorative garland from new year 2010! Includes a festive smiley in hat. Classic Shop
03 SPRING 2011 DECO Spring 2011
25 Spring package from early 2011! Classic Shop
04 EASTER 2012 DECO Easter 2012
25 Colorful easter egg decorations from 2012! Classic Shop
05 CANDY DECO Candy 650 25 Eyecandy for everyone! 6 decorative blocks, a couple of backgrounds, and some tasty decorations! Energy Shop
06 SUMMER 2011 DECO Summer 2011
25 Summer package from 2011. Classic Shop
07 HALLOWEEN 2011 DECO Halloween 2011
25 Make your own scary world! Classic Shop
Prizes II Prizes
09 CHRISTMAS 2011 DECO Christmas 2011
25 Five decorations and five package bricks from Christmas 2011! Classic Shop
00 SCI-FI Sci-fi 650 12 Buy the future today! Futuristic themed blocks and rotatable decorations. Energy Shop
10 PRISON DECO Prison 650 12 Stone bricks and iron bars to lock up troublesome players. Energy Shop
12 PIRATE DECO Pirate 650 30 Set sail with these wooden blocks and pirate decorations!

Energy Shop

13 DOJO DECO Dojo 650 30 Colorful terracotta shingles and plastered walls. Includes a climbable ladder too! Energy Shop
14 WILD WEST DECO Wild West 3000 45 Dusty, painted wooden structures, balconies and batwing doors for that classic western ambience! Energy Shop
15 WATER DECO Water 750 13 Time to get soaked! A fluid for smileys to swim in, and also includes oceanic backgrounds and wave crests.
16 SAND DECO Sand 650 30 6 unique blocks of sand! Each with their own corresponding decoration and background. Energy Shop
17 SUMMER 2012 DECO Summer 2012
12 Some great outdoor summer decorations from 2012!
18 CLOUD DECO Cloud 650 30 Look to the sky! Fluffy white decorations and a cloud block. Energy Shop
19 INDUSTRIAL DECO Industrial 500 30 Metal everywhere! Sheeny machinery blocks, iron plate backgrounds, and warning signs for dangerous levels! Energy Shop
20 MEDIEVAL DECO Medieval 650 20 Medieval: Create your own historic kingdom with this huge decorative package! Includes a climbable chain. Energy Shop
21 OUTER SPACE DECO Outer Space 650 25 Outer space: Starry backgrounds, and items for building stellar rockets and bases. Energy Shop
22 DESERT DECO Desert 650 25 Dry rock and sand blocks, with desert foliage decorations!
23 MONSTER DECO Monster 650 25 Haunting eyes and teeth! Some creepy monster textures to loom in the background too! Energy Shop
24 FOG DECO Fog 650 20 Thick fog foreground decorations to add an eerie aura to your map! Energy Shop
25 HALLOWEEN 2012 DECO Halloween 2012
25 Sinister laboratory decorations from 2012! Classic Shop
26 JUNGLE DECO Jungle 650 30 A large package with a variety of old mossy stone, climbable vines, and jungle vegitation. Energy Shop
27 CHRISTMAS 2013 DECO Christmas 2012
25 Gift wrapping paper backgrounds, and ribbon decorations to tie off this 2012 exclusive. Classic Shop
28 LAVA DECO Lava 750 30 Lava textured blocks and backgrounds, and a deadly lava fluid that burns you! Energy Shop
29 SWAMP DECO Swamp 750 30 Bayou decorations and bog fluid that you can sink in. Energy Shop
30 MARBLE DECO Marble 650 20 Strong bricks and columns of ancient marble.

Energy Shop

31 FARM DECO Farm 650 10 Peaceful countryside decorations and block. Energy Shop
32 AUTUMN 2014 DECO Autumn 2014
25 Autumn package with decorations and crisp leaf backgrounds from 2014! Classic Shop
33 CHRISTMAS 2014 DECO Christmas 2014
25 Snow, icicles, and festive holiday decorations from 2014! Classic Shop
34 VALENTINES 2015 DECO Valentines 2015
25 Valentines package from 2015! Includes a blushing smiley! Classic Shop
35 SUMMER 2015 DECO Summer 2015
25 Exclusive summer decorations from 2015! Classic Shop
36 DOMESTIC DECO Domestic 4000 80 An assortment of homely textures, perfect for interior design! Includes tile, carpet, wallpaper, half blocks and more! Energy Shop
37 HALLOWEEN 2015 DECO Halloween 2015
25 Build a haunted house with these dilapidated items. Includes windows and lantern to light up this Halloween 2015 Exclusive! Classic Shop
38 NEW YEAR 2015 DECO New Year 2015
25 Celebrate the new year with morphing party decorations and holiday refreshments! Classic Shop
39 FAIRYTALE DECO Fairytale 1250 10 Create your own mythical world with these fantasy themed blocks, decorations, and misty backgrounds. Includes gemstone half blocks and a climbable ladder. Energy Shop
40 SPRING DECO Spring 2016
20 Spring has sprung! Includes dirt and hedge blocks and morphable flowers, perfect for making gardens! Classic Shop
41 SUMMER DECO Summer 2016
25 Summertime blocks and decorations to build the perfect seaside resort! Available until September 2016. Classic Shop
42 MINE DECO Mine 850 17 Explore underground! Cavernous rocks, pretty crystals that morph into 6 distinct colors, and an animated torch decoration! Energy Shop
43 FOOD DECO Restaurant 1000 20 Serve guests in your worlds an assortment of food and drinks! Includes three morphable dishes. Energy Shop
44 HALLOWEEN DECO Halloween 2016
17 Spooky dark forest! Build twisted branches with the rotating decoration, creepy peering eyes that morph color, and more!
45 CHRISTMAS 2016 DECO Christmas 2016
25 A gift for everyone! Decorative halfblock presents, holiday ornaments, and morphing stringed lights. Classic Shop
47 STPATRICK'S 2017 DECO St.Patrick's 2017
10 Five lucky items to celebrate this charming holiday. Classic Shop

Notes Edit

Classes Edit

The column "Payvault Class" is the class used by PlayerIO to determine what items the player has.

  • Classes starting with "brick" are directly bought from the Blocks tab in the Energy Shop.
  • Classes starting with "mixed" can include a Smiley.
  • Items that are "Mixed" are packs that contain separately bought items.

Methods of Obtaining Edit

The column "Obtained From" lists where the item is obtained from.

  • Items obtained for "Free" are items given to you when you register the game.
  • Items obtained from "Shop" are items you can either buy with Energy and/or Gems in the Energy Shop.
  • Items obtained from "Classic" are items you can buy with Gems in the Classic Shop.
  • Items obtained from "Contest" are items earned from winning a contest.