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DT Crew was made as a crew for the familiar game: Everybody Edits.

The DT Crew name was taken from the short of Demon Tails which is a cynical reversal to the founder of the crew: AngelBoy. The DT Crew are a group of collaborators who develop and create maps in Everybody Edits.

The DT Crew was started on 27/05/2012 for two purposes: having fun and making Everybody Edits what it should be (without any bots).

The motto of the DT Crew is: "Be yourself!". We don't expect from you to be the best, we just asking for doing your best.


A table of all of the maps released by the DT Crew.
Date Name of Map
June 20, 2012 Underground

More informationEdit

You can find information about the DT Crew in the next ways:

DT Crew official topic in the Everybody Edits forums

DT Crew official tinychat

DT Crew official forums

DT Crew official website

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