Here's an example of what a crew would look like in EE...

EM0JI - Director - Description: He puts in all the action he needs for the best EE shows.

M0ngstarh - Actor - Description: She is a very funny character, & she sings & dances too.

HJQSlotz - Actor - Description: Is very amusing when he makes advertisements, butt jokes, & selfishly laughs so hard it would be hard for him to finish a drink.

Qu1ncy - Playfullist - Description: He is playful & he makes horror storys, plays violence games, & he acts like a teenager.

P00P - Playfullist - Description: He makes too many bathroom jokes.

EerieBeauty - Playfullist - Description: She jumps around alot acting crazy.

Gregst0r - Narrator - Description: It's very rare for him to talk except for when he narrarates to himself & uses his mind for sppech to himself. Otherwise, he could use sign language or a game of charades to talk socially.

Xcrushme - Narrator - Description: She has a bunch of diaries on other things & diaries about what she experiences in the crew. She also has a tiny bit of a crush on Qu1ncy, a sensitive crush on Gregst0r, & a crush-crush on 3DFace.

3DFace - P.H.T.G - Description: He has a special 3D screen people play when they want to. It even has all other major things that can happen in real-life (but in an easier way). That's also the reason he takes it wherever he goes.

1L0veZ0mbiez - P.H.T.G - Description: He loves violence games & he joins & plays along with Qu1ncy on violence multiplayer games & acts a bit like him too. He's a bit obsessed with time too.

SSMoneyzzSS - P.H.T.G - Description: He has infinite money, shares it his friends so he & his friends can spend it on whatever they want.

IHeartEE - P.H.T.G - Description: She loves the crew & does anything, otherwise, everything for it.

Rudik3000 - P.T.G, Main manager and owner in Fanboy Crew. Loves Adventures, Actions and Bots.

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