Coins Doors

Coin doors in a level

Instead of normal doors where, if a player touches a Key the door would open, this door only opens when you collect a selected quantity of coins.

After collecting each coin, the number on the coin doors decrease 1. When this countdown reaches 0, the door opens. They can go from one to 999 coins.

These coin doors are available for all players and can be found in the energy shop.

When you want a coin door in your level, you select the coin door icon in the editor and set the number of coins the player must collect in order to open that door.


Coin Doors were added to the beta system on January 10, 2011[1].


  • Although the coin doors were added on January 10, 2011, coin gates were added more than one year later on August 30, 2012[2]. Ironically, when blue coin doors were released, the gates were released as well.[3]