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A coin is a feature in Everybody Edits added on May 19, 2010. It adds another objective to locked levels, to collect all of the coins as a prize, mostly used for opening Coin Doors or closing Coin Gates. There are currently two types of coins, a regular coin (Coin), and a Blue Coin and a (File:Redcoin.png) in EE2 (Bluecoin). You cannot place coins in open worlds, only in locked, saved worlds.

These coins use to be connected to a magic system that would occasionally give you extra energy, in addition to the 200 Max energy that Players would start out with.  The different amounts you used to be able to get were +1, +2, +5, +10, and +15, and occasionly, they would also automatically refill your energy to the maximum amount, which you could spent immidieatly.  However, this system was abused by players, who would hack, to make achieving magic extrememly easy, thus increasing their energy, and even auto-refilling.  After this became widespread, that system of magic, was removed, and eventually replaced the current form of magic, where you would gain levels and have more maximum energy, after collecting a certain amount of magic coins.

You can also, gain 5 exclusive smileys through magic coins, although one of them, the Grinch smiley, was removed.

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