A coin is a feature in Everybody Edits added on May 19, 2010. It adds another objective to locked levels, to collect all of the coins as a prize, mostly used for opening Coin Doors or closing Coin Gates. There are currently two types of coins, a regular coin (Coin <-- appearing as in gradient of orange to yellow), and a Blue Coin (Bluecoin <-- appearing as in gradient of blue to light blue). You are unable to place coins in open worlds, only in locked, saved worlds. Always; a meter appears of how many coins total that the player has collected; and how many coins are left spawned in the world. This after-action also seems to appear when using blue coins. At some times--some coins are basically MAGIC coins; when collected will increase the magic and later magic automatically depletes at times.

These coins are connected to a magic system that would occasionally give you extra energy, in addition to the 200 Max energy that Players would start out with. The different amounts one can get were +1, +2, +5, +10, and +15, and occasionally, they would also automatically refill your energy to the maximum amount, which you could spend immediately.  However, this system was abused by players.  After this became widespread, that system of magic, was removed, and eventually replaced with a new form of magic, where you would gain levels and have more maximum energy, after collecting a certain amount of magic coins. However, this system was re-introduced in 2015 after the departure of Mr. Shoe.

You can also gain 6 exclusive smileys (Wizard, Fire Wizard, Witch, Dark Wizard, Grinch, Purple Ghost, Light Wizard) through magic coins, although the Grinch smiley, was removed as it was a Christmas 2011 exclusive smiley.

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  • Blue Coins, another variation of ordinary coins--but appear as blue and are stated as bonus coins in one of the tutorial worlds by Mr. Shoe.

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