Code Whiners are a type of smileys who always asks for the code. They are usually on empty worlds where is only the owner, so that they could say "Code or I leave" and they know that the owner will give them the code since they are the only people in his/her world. The Code Whiners mostly end up trolling a not saved yet part of the world. There are chat and non-chat smileys of this type. Non-chats will usually put a sad or crying smiley and say the quick chat words "Help me!". Howerer chats are more annoying then the non-chats, because they can say much more things than those quick chat words. Most of world owners says that Code Whiners are ruining Everybody Edits. Some of the world owners end up telling the Code Whiners that in Everybody Edits you will get code probably if it's a friend's world or it's name is "Code is [insert code here]". But the Code Whiners don't listen and the worlds owners realize that they wasted their time teaching to play the levels instead of asking for code everywhere.

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