Chris Benjaminsen is the creator of Everybody Edits. He always keeps a peppy mood when it comes to Everybody Edits, and is a long time Nonoba user. He believes too many flash games have way too many advertisements and were very reluctant to add them to his game.

Everybody Edits wasn't the only game he worked on. He also works on games such as Nonoba Racer and Fridge Magnets.

To check out the Everybody Edits blog, please click here.

To check out Benjaminsen's website, go here.

Chris is not anymore the owner of Everybody Edits, Nvd is, since 6 February 2014, then nou taked his place on August 20, 2015.

Screenshot 3-0

Benjaminsen in a level.

In 17 November 2014 when hologram was released, in Mr. Shoe's hologram world he was asked what happened to Chris. Mr. Shoe said Chris is doing well, alive, working on another project.

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