Not to be confused with the chat room, EE Chat.

Chat is a feature which was added on November 2010. Chat used to cost one cent, and later 1 dollar now it's free. Also, users who bought chat for $1 got 20 gems, to make the $1 worthwhile (since 20 gems commonly costs $2, therefore saving $1). Chat was enabled when Players purchased it from Paypal or signed up for the newsletter. Nvd made the chat free for all registered users, four months after Chris Benjaminsen decided to charge real-world cash because he is concerned with the children's security. One day before the cost of the chat was lowered from $3 to $1, MrShoe (Julian Ridley) chose to change the cost from one cent to three dollars. His blog post explains the reasoning:

To enable chat you have to pay 3 dollars, but will be given 50 gems (which would normally cost 5 dollars).

Those who are interested in purchasing Chat, must buy it from PayPal. On 24 April 2013, chat is free.


  • Free chat doesn't allow inappropriate words in Everybody Edits. They are censored as ****. On February 7 2015, you can disable/enable allowing words.
    • Because it filters any inappropriate word contained in them, words such as Scunthorpe, Cockroach and Montenegro are also affected.
  • In the update of 7 February 2015, chat was made free again by Nvd.
  • After the update during 31 October 2014, all players can enable chat with their email address.
  • Chat is being disabled once more on 02 October 2014. You can use alternative chat on Friends System.
  • As of 24 April 2013, chat is available to all REGISTERED players. That means all guests WILL NOT be allowed to use chat.
  • Another pre-chat action was swapping between Grin Smiley and Smiley at a fast rate to give smileys the appearance of talking.
  • Before chat was introduced, many players used the website Tinychat as an alternative. Many people without chat still use this website today.