Art in Everybody Edits is similar to pixel art anywhere else. It is the arranging of different (or same) colored blocks to create a figure that can be seen either in-game or on the minimap. Art comes in many shapes and sizes. Unless some artwork is small enough for you to see the whole thing, you may only see it fully on the minimap.

The first pieces of artwork were logos or pixel art people made, either to show off artistic skills or their name, similar to graffiti.

After the "first art", programs like EE Autobuilder were spammed all over EE. They involved placing many different blocks automatically and rapidly, either to create actual artwork or for trolling. After some protests from the community, Autobuilder was taken down, but still exists from multiple people. Art has evolved since then making full map pixel art with the program EE Artist. Not very many people make a level just for art though, only a few have been seen.

Art is usually on the sides of levels next to bosses, minigames, or stairs. Art can also be integrated into minigames.

Here is an example of smiley art, the :) smiley, in the minimap.

And here are ingame blocks used to make it -

Do note that there are no offical blocks used to make smiley art, and many people have different styles.

Many people call "art" as articicles, making it the generalized form of moronics. But art can mean more than just that, like full-arted levels with original designs and shadingisms that isn't based off of online internet flash games or other video games. Examples are EX Crew and MG Crew levels.



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