Note: Builders club has since been removed from the game and replace by Gold Membership.

The Builders Club, started 12 December 2012 and ending on 15 February 2016, being replaced with Gold Membership is a monthly pay service that gives the user unlimited access to more than 450 blocks and more. It was created to help new users who had almost no chance of getting all the blocks, create worlds however they like. When it was released, Beta users got a 1-month free trial of Builders Club. Also around the time of release, beta was made unpurchasable.


There are four packages, featuring a 1-month Builders Club, a 3-month Builders Club, a 6-month Builders Club, and a 12-month Builders Club. All packages include full, unlimited access to more than 450 blocks; though this does not include contest prizes and the Diamond Block. The packages bought give the user more worlds depending on which package it is. Builders Club members have no limits on how many limited blocks they can use, excluding the win-brick. (That can be placed once) Builders Club has access to all Classical items, and an exclusive animated god aura. A banner with the Builders Club symbol on it is added to the player's magic class shield. In the user's profile is a member number which indicates how long they have been in Builders Club. Since Builders Club replaced Beta, Builders Club users have beta blocks. Builders Club members also receive two exclusive items in the game. The builders club gates, doors, and signs, where people can write their messages.

List of Worlds Given with Builders Club Edit

  • 1 Month Club - $4/400 Gems
    • 1x Wide World


  • 3 Month Club - $10/100 Gems
    • 1x Wide World
    • 1x Tall World


  • 6 Month Club - $18/180 Gems
    • 1x Wide World
    • 1x Tall World
    • 1x Massive World


  • 12 Month Club - $32/320 Gems
    • 1x Wide World
    • 1x Tall World
    • 1x Massive World
    • 1x Great World


The Builders Club has been heavily criticized, mainly because it is rather expensive and it's sole purpose is to make money for the game. Also, when it was released, the Beta, which was popular to the fan-base at the time, was removed. The majority of players who had purchased all of their items, specifically with Gems, were disappointed in Builder's Club because it gave all blocks, infinite items, which includes coin doors, purple switch blocks, etc., as well as the six original beta smileys and all items in the Classic Tab. Signs were exclusive to BC members and not available in the shop, which was also annoying to many players across the game, moreover to the ones who were hoping to have signs added to the game. After a couple of months, the signs were added to the shop. On 7/2/2015 [the big update] Beta returned, and it now costs 75 gems. On 11/10/2015 it was announced by Nou on the EE blog that they are replacing builders club with Gold Membership due to people not liking BC. Note: Which has now happened.


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