Bouncing gravity climb2

An example of the fairly common Single Column Climb found in many maps

Bouncing gravity climb

An example of the very common Double Column Climb found in many maps

Bouncing gravity climb3

Two examples of the other variations for the Bouncing Gravity Climb

The Bouncing Gravity Climb is a category for any puzzle type that involves jumping into and bouncing off of a column of gravity arrows to reach a higher platform. It has two main variations and numerous other ones.

Single Column ClimbEdit

The single column climb was invented by stop1it and has just one column of gravity arrows that the player must jump into and bounce off to reach an upper platform. The difficulty of this variation depends on the height that must be reached and the thickness of the arrow column. This puzzle type can be implemented in any of the four directions, although by far the most common one is similar to the example in the image.

Double Column ClimbEdit

The double column climb (a.k.a. Pendulum Climb) consists of two columns of opposite facing gravity arrows separated by a gap that must be climbed by bouncing between the two columns. The difficulty of this challenge depends on the thickness of the columns, the size of the gap between them, and the size of the platform the player must reach at the very end. This puzzle type does not need to be a climb upwards, and can exist as a climb downwards against upward facing gravity arrows or sideways against left or right facing arrows.

Other VariationsEdit

Additional variations exist including two single columns or zigzag patterns of opposite facing gravity arrows placed right next to one another.

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