Boost arrows are special action arrows that speed up the player in 10+ speed rather than ordinary gravity arrows. They are released on 10/03/12.


"Shoots your friends around the worlds at mindboggling speed!" (original)

"Around the worlds." (error description)

"Powerful gravity changers that shoot players at astonishing speeds!" (2015)

Trivia Edit

  • They were also released with the Cannonball Smiley at the same date.
  • This item costs 1500 energy & 30 gems in the store.
  • They are the first action blocks to enhance a player's speed without the use of Gravity Arrows, or portals.
  • Sometimes, the description is technically not true due to a glitch. You can see the underline.
  • Along with this update comes the possibility of being kicked due to desync issues. While being frequent at the time of release, most glitches have been resolved.

Gallery Edit

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