"Blue Coins" are a type of action block on Everybody Edits. They are under the tab Action in the edit bar. Like regular coins, they have a counter and you can collect them. Just like death counter.

Blue coins are usually being used on pro levels in hard spots, to show the way to optional, very hard minigames.


A long time ago, blue coins were found in the coding in the game, and hackers could use them in levels. After all the chaos, Chris decided blue coins would be added after a donation of $500 (already achieved). On 1/10/2014 the blue coins get their gate and their door [already added]


  • There are blue coin doors and gates. They were added October 1, 2014 in the Blue is Best update[1].
  • There are magical blue coins and you can collect magical decorative bricks.


Blue CoinBlue KeyCoinCrownGreen KeyRed Key

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