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This is a list of bricks listed in the "Blocks Tab" in the editor.

Blocks are a main component of the game. Players may jump on them, go through them, or use other special features it may have. Most blocks can be found in shop, however, the Trophy is a competition block, and some holiday classics may only be bought using Gems. Blocks usually come in packs, excluding Spawn, Portal, and Coin Doors, which can be bought over and over for +1, or +10, respectively. These can only be used in your Saved worlds.

Name Energy Gems Description In packs Magic
Basic Blocks 01Basic Blocks 02Basic Blocks 03Basic Blocks 04Basic Blocks 05Basic Blocks 06Basic Blocks 07Basic Blocks 08 Basic N/A N/A Default None No
Beta NewBeta New 2 Beta N/A 100 Become a beta member and get access to beta bricks and exclusives Beta No
Brick Blocks 01Brick Blocks 02Brick Blocks 03Brick Blocks 04Brick Blocks 05Brick Blocks 06 Brick N/A N/A Default None No
Metal Blocks 01Metal Blocks 02Metal Blocks 03 Metal N/A N/A Default None No
Grass Blocks 01Grass Blocks 02Grass Blocks 03 Grass N/A N/A Default None No
Special Blocks 01Special Blocks 02Special Blocks 03Special Blocks 04 Special N/A, 625 N/A, 25 Default, This unlimited black block will make your world the dark and mysterious stranger of Everybody Edits! None, Fully black blocks! No
Factory Blocks 01Factory Blocks 02Factory Blocks 03Factory Blocks 04Factory Blocks 05 Factory 625 12 Unlimited and purely decorational Factory Package No
Secrets block setInvisible Block Secrets 625 12 Secret bricks look like normal bricks but work in reverse. Great for secrets. Secret bricks No
Glass Blocks 01Glass Blocks 02Glass Blocks 03Glass Blocks 04Glass Blocks 05Glass Blocks 06Glass Blocks 07Glass Blocks 08 Glass 875 17 Decorate your level with these great looking glass bricks! Glass bricks No
Minerals Blocks 01Minerals Blocks 02Minerals Blocks 03Minerals Blocks 04Minerals Blocks 05Minerals Blocks 06Minerals Blocks 07 Minerals 250 5 Minerals are almost 100% pure and so are their minimap colors Minerals No
Christmas 2011 Blocks 01Christmas 2011 Blocks 02Christmas 2011 Blocks 03Christmas 2011 Blocks 04Christmas 2011 Blocks 05 Christmas 2011 N/A 25 Five decorations and five package bricks for xmas 2011! Christmas 2011 bricks No
Candy Blocks 01Candy Blocks 02Candy Blocks 03Candy Blocks 04Candy Blocks 05Candy Blocks 06Candy Blocks 07Candy Blocks 08 Candy 1,250 25 Eyecandy for everyone. 6 bricks, 2 backgrounds and 1 fluffy decoration. Candyland No
Summer 2011 Blocks 01 Summer 2011 N/A 25 Summer package from 2011 Summer package 2011 No
Halloween 2011 Blocks 01Halloween 2011 Blocks 02 Halloween 2011 N/A 30 Make your own scary world! Halloween bricks! No
SciFi Blocks 01SciFi Blocks 02SciFi Blocks 03SciFi Blocks 04SciFi Blocks 05SciFi Blocks 06SciFi Blocks 07SciFi Blocks 08 Sc-ifi 1,250 25 Buy the future today! Sci-Fi Package No
Prison Blocks 01 Prison 1,500 30 Dealing with a lot of trolls? Now you can lock them up. Prison No
Pirate Blocks 01Pirate Blocks 02 Pirate 1,500 30 Hoist the sails ye yellow-bellied cockroaches! Pirate Pack No
Vikings Blocks 01 Vikings 1,250 50 From a happy time of rocks and weapons. Viking Pack No
Ninja Blocks 01Ninja Blocks 02 Ninja 1,500 60 It's all about stealthy ladders and rooftops. Ninja Pack No
Cowboy Blocks 01Cowboy Blocks 02Cowboy Blocks 03Cowboy Blocks 04Cowboy Blocks 05Cowboy Blocks 06 Cowboy 2,250 90 Wooden boards and railings in red, blue and natural... All you need for a western village! Cowboy Pack No
Plastic Blocks 01Plastic Blocks 02Plastic Blocks 03Plastic Blocks 04Plastic Blocks 05Plastic Blocks 06Plastic Blocks 07Plastic Blocks 08 Plastic 875 35 8 blocks in bright colors. Perfect for an arcade feel. Plastic Pack No
Sand Blocks 01Sand Blocks 02Sand Blocks 03Sand Blocks 04Sand Blocks 05Sand Blocks 06 Sand 1,500 60 18 blocks of sand, perfect for sticking you head in! Sand Pack No
Cloud Blocks 01 Cloud 1500 30 Scenic clouds, ready for you to climb on! Cloud Pack No
Plate Iron Blocks 01Plate Iron Blocks 02 Plate Iron 1250 50 Nifty iron for the robustest worlds! Plate Iron Package No
Industrial Blocks 01Industrial Blocks 02Industrial Blocks 03Industrial Blocks 04Industrial Blocks 05Industrial Blocks 06Industrial Blocks 07Industrial Blocks 08 Industrial Blocks 1500 30 Conveyor belts and metal platforms Industrial Package No
Timbered Blocks 01 Timbered Blocks 1250 20 For that good old mediaval feeling! Timbered Package No
Castle Blocks 01Castle Blocks 02Castle Blocks 03 Castle Blocks 1250 25 Keeping the enemies out since the medieval times! Castle Package No
Medieval Blocks 01Medieval Blocks 02 Medieval Blocks 1000 20 Adds a smithy feel to your worlds! Medieval No
Pipes Blocks 01Pipes Blocks 02Pipes Blocks 03Pipes Blocks 04Pipes Blocks 05Pipes Blocks 06 Pipes 125 2 Factory outlet or Italian plumbing? Pipes No
Rocket Blocks 01Rocket Blocks 02Rocket Blocks 03Rocket Blocks 04 Rocket 1250 25 Clean and colorful bricks, perfect for interstellar travel! Rocket Pack No
Mars Blocks 01Mars Blocks 02Mars Blocks 03Mars Blocks 04Mars Blocks 05Mars Blocks 06 Mars Blocks 1250 25 Red rocks and starry sky. Lets go to Mars! Mars Pack No
Checker Blocks 01Checker Blocks 02Checker Blocks 03Checker Blocks 04Checker Blocks 05Checker Blocks 06Checker Blocks 07 Checker Blocks 600 15 Clean and bright blocks in 7 different colors Checker Blocks No
Jungle Ruins Blocks 01Jungle Ruins Blocks 02Jungle Ruins Blocks 03Jungle Ruins Blocks 04Jungle Ruins Blocks 05Jungle Ruins Blocks 06 Jungle Ruins Blocks 1250 25 A great starting point for an adventure! Jungle Ruins No
Jungle Blocks 01 Jungle Blocks 1500 30 Deep jungle backgrounds, vines to climb on, and Jungle No
Lava Blocks 01Lava Blocks 02Lava Blocks 03 Lava Blocks 500 10 Hot lava blocks. Make your worlds look cool! Lava No
Sparta Blocks 01Sparta Blocks 02Sparta Blocks 03Sparta Blocks 04 Sparta Blocks 1000 20 Marble blocks and collumns decorations Sparta No
Farm Blocks 01 Farm Blocks 200 10 Countryside decorations and blocks Farm No
SNOW BLOCK V2Icesicles Christmas 2014 Blocks 1000 20 Jingle bricks, jingle bricks, jingle all the way! Christmas 2014 No
One-way One-way Blocks 650 15 You can make awesome minigames with One-way No
Magic Package Magic N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes

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