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This is a list of bricks listed in the "Blocks Tab" in the editor.

Blocks are a main component of the game. Players may jump on them, go through them, or use other special features it may have. Most block

s can be found in shop, however, the Trophy is a competition block, and some holiday classics may only be bought using Gems. Blocks usually come in packs, excluding Spawn, Portal, and Coin Doors, which can be bought over and over for +1, or +10, respectively. These can only be used in your Saved worlds.

Name Energy Gems Description In packs
01 BASIC Basic
Default None
02 BETA Beta
75 Become a beta member to test exclusive content, get 6 unique smileys, and 9 exclusive blocks! Beta
03 BRICK Brick
Default None
04 METAL Metal
Default None
05 GRASS Grass
Default None
06 GENERIC Special
Default None
07 FACTORY Factory 625 12 Purely decorational factory themed blocks. Factory Package
08 SECRETS Secrets 625 12 Secret bricks look like normal bricks but work in reverse, as well as invisible blocks. Great for secrets! Secret bricks
09 GLASS Glass 875 17 Decorate your level with these great looking glass bricks! Glass bricks
10 MINERALS Minerals 250 5 Minerals are almost 100% pure and so are their minimap colors. Minerals
11 CHRISTMAS 2011 Christmas 2011
25 5 gift blocks and 5 decorations from Christmas 2011. 5 gift blocks and 5 decorations from Christmas 2011.
12 CANDY Candy 1,250 25 Eyecandy for everyone! 6 decorative blocks, a couple of backgrounds, and some tasty decorations! Candyland
13 SUMMER 2011 Summer 2011
25 Summer package from 2011. Summer package 2011
14 HALLOWEEN 2011 Halloween 2011
30 Make your own scary world with gothic themed blocks, backgrounds, and decorations from 2011! Halloween bricks!
15 SCI-FI Sci-Fi 1,250 25 Buy the future today! Futuristic themed blocks and rotatable decorations. Sci-Fi Package
16 PRISON Prison 1,500 30 Stone bricks and iron bars to lock up troublesome players. Prison
17 PIRATE Pirate 1,500 30 Set sail with these wooden blocks and pirate decorations! Pirate Pack
18 STONE Stone 1,250 50 4 stone textures and masonry backgrounds to build with. Stone Pack
19 DOJO Dojo 1,500 60 Colorful terracotta shingles and plastered walls. Includes a climbable ladder too! Dojo Pack
20 WILD WEST Wild West 2,250 90 Dusty, painted wooden structures, balconies and batwing doors for that classic western ambience! Wild West Pack
21 PLASTIC Plastic 875 35 8 colorful blocks with a solid plastic texture! Great for an arcade feel. Plastic Pack
22 SAND Sand 1,500 60 6 unique blocks of sand! Each with their own corresponding decoration and background. Sand Pack
23 CLOUD Cloud 1500 30 Look to the sky! Fluffy white decorations and a cloud block. Cloud Pack
24 INDUSTRIAL Industrial 1500 30 Metal everywhere! Sheeny machinery blocks, iron plate backgrounds, and warning signs for dangerous levels! Industrial Package
25 MEDIEVAL Medieval 1000 20 Create your own historic kingdom with this huge decorative package! Includes a climbable chain. Medieval
26 PIPES Pipes 125 2 Classic orange pipes to decorate your worlds. Pipes
27 OUTER SPACE Outer Space 1250 25 Starry backgrounds, and items for building stellar rockets and bases. Outer Space Pack
28 DESERT Desert 1250 25 Dry rock and sand blocks, with desert foliage decorations! Desert Pack
29 CHECKER Checker Blocks
Default None
30 JUNGLE Jungle Blocks 1000 20 A large package with a variety of old mossy stone, climbable vines, and jungle vegitation. Jungle
31 LAVA Lava 500 10 Lava textured blocks and backgrounds, and a deadly lava fluid that burns you! Lava
32 MARBLE Marble 1000 20 Strong bricks and columns of ancient marble. Marble
33 FARM Farm 200 10 Peaceful countryside decorations and block. Farm
34 CHRISTMAS 2014 Christmas 2014 Blocks 1000 20 Snow, icicles, and festive holiday decorations from 2014! Christmas 2014
35 ONE-WAY One-way 650 15 Rotatable one way platforms in 9 bold colors! One-way
36 MAGIC Magic
37 ENVIRONMENT Environment 500 10 Start building the great outdoors with these 5 natural blocks and backgrounds! Environment Pack
38 DOMESTIC Domestic 1500 30 An assortment of homely textures, perfect for interior design! Includes tile, carpet, wallpaper, half blocks and more! Domestic Pack
39 HALLOWEEN 2015 Halloween 2015
25 Build a haunted house with these dilapidated blocks. Includes morphing on and off windows and lantern to light up your creepy creations! Halloween 2015 Pack
40 ARCTIC Arctic 800 16 Build chilly terrains with these 5 decorative snow cap and frozen blocks! Includes 2 backgrounds. Arctic
41 GOLD Gold
50-420 Earn yourself some metallic gold items by donating to the game! Membership includes gilded smileys, blocks, aura color, and more! Gold
42 FAIRYTALE Fairytale 1250 25 Create your own mythical themed world with these fantasy themed blocks, decorations, and misty backgrounds. Includes gemstone half blocks and a climbable ladder! Fairytale

Removed Blocks

There was a block which was tested back in 2011 by Chris, but was quickly removed. That block being the original one way block. Its ID and sprite has since been replaced by the candy block.

Screenshot 13

The removed one-way block, from 2011.

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