Beta Worlds was previously a paid world where the player can access and edit Beta Worlds once they have bought the Beta package. Once the Beta package is bought, the player will receive several Beta Worlds where only Beta users can access them.

Prior to the addition of Builders Club, users would recieve worlds if they purchase Beta. As of December 2012, Beta was removed and Builders Club was added. Due to this, Builders Club members recieved worlds instead.

Beta WorldsEdit

When a player buys Beta, they earn 3 worlds.

  • Small world (public)
  • Massive world (public)
  • Massive world (beta only)

    Want to visit only beta worlds?

In the lobby, worlds list players could check an option to show only Beta rooms. Ever since the ability to purchase beta was removed, beta-only levels have become rare.

Builders Club WorldsEdit

Ever since Builders Club was added, players would recieve different amounts of world depending on how long he or she buys the Builder Club membership.

3 Month MembershipEdit

  • Wide world
  • Tall world

6 Month MembershipEdit

  • Wide world
  • Tall world
  • Massive world

12 Month MembershipEdit

  • Wide world
  • Tall world
  • Massive world
  • Great world

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