Benje00 in a level

Benjamin (IGN: Benje00) is one of the most well-known secret mods (he is mod now). He joined EE late October of 2011 and is supposedly believed to join EE's staff in March of 2012. When the game reached a point where there were close to no daily unique visitors, Chris (IGN: Benjaminsen) and Michael Chiniquy (Ign: RPGMaster2000) decided there had to be some drastic changes in and around the game. Benjamin was the best suitable person to make such changes, and thus he joined the EE staff to secretly manage the game from the inside. Now he joined EE Staff.

Benjamin's Role Edit

Benje00 was a well-known non-chat, but as a secret mod he could always see the chat.  His main role was to moderate the chat in general, and keep it more as a child-safe place, as it is a childrens game. Due to the fact that he could read the chat, he saw many flammers, spammers, and cursers. As this behaviour in the game is not accepted, he started monitoring those individuals. Those who persistentally flamed, spammed, and cursed were then banned by Benjamin. 

Benjamin's Identity Edit

Being a secret mod, keeping your identity safe is a part of the task. Even though he has carefully kept track of his traces over the internet, and thus only his first name is known.

Other Influences Edit

Besides carefully monitoring the chat and the general mood in this game, he also made some game-changing suggestions to the mods that are being used right now.

Benjamin's suggestions:

1: Coindoors                                                                    

2: Switches

3: Timed Doors

4: Boosts

5: The 'Benje' gameplay (Rumours have been going around, and with a leaked partial code named "Benje gameplay" confirmed. 

And in addition to these suggestions that made it into the game, Benjamin is also working on a "solid smiley mode".

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