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Backgrounds are a type of tile in Everybody Edits. Backgrounds are second-layer tiles that players can't interact with. There are many ways of obtaining Backgrounds, the most popular being from buying them in the Shop.


Name Energy Gems Description
DARK BG II Dark 250 5 Solid dark backgrounds in the classic Everybody Edits colors!
06 PASTEL BG II Pastel 500 10 Bright and pretty pastel colored backgrounds!
CANVAS BG II Canvas 500 10 Canvas with oil painted in 9 fresh colors.
08 CARNIVAL BG Carnival 750 15 Dress your world up with these vibrant backgrounds.
09 CANDY BG Candy 1000 20 Eyecandy for everyone! 6 decorative blocks, a couple of backgrounds, and some tasty decorations!
10 HAllOWEEN 2011 BG Halloween 2011
25 Make your own scary world!
11 SCI-FI BG Sci-fi 1000 20 Buy the future today! Futuristic themed blocks and rotatable decorations.
12 PRISON BG Prison 300 6 Stone bricks and iron bars to lock up troublesome players.
13 PIRATE BG Pirate 750 15 Set sail with these wooden pirate blocks and decorations!
14 STONE BG Stone 500 10 4 stone textures and masonry backgrounds to build with.
15 DOJO BG Dojo 1000 20 Colorful terracotta shingles and plastered walls. Includes a climbable ladder too!
16 WILD WEST BG Wild West 1500 30 Dusty, painted wooden structures, balconies and batwing doors for that classic western ambience!
17 WATER BG Water 750 15 Time to get soaked! A fluid for smileys to swim in, and also includes oceanic backgrounds and wave crests.
18 SAND BG Sand 850 17 6 unique blocks of sand! Each with their own corresponding decoration and background.
19 INDUSTRIAL BG Industrial 1250 25 Metal everywhere! Sheeny machinery blocks, iron plate backgrounds, and warning signs for dangerous levels!
20 CLAY BG Clay 750 15 Earthenware backgrounds in a variety of forms.
21 MEDIEVAL BG Medieval 1500 30 Create your own historic kingdom with this huge decorative package! Includes a climbable chain.
22 OUTER SPACE BG Outer Space 1000 20 Starry backgrounds, and items for building stellar rockets and bases. Finished with moon and mars rock!
23 DESERT BG Desert 750 15 Dry rock and sand blocks, with desert foliage decorations!
24 NEON BG Neon 300 6 Six vibrant backgrounds to color your world!
25 MONSTER BG Monster 500 10 Haunting eyes and teeth! Some creepy monster textures to loom in the background too!
26 JUNGLE BG Jungle 1000 20 A large package with a variety of old mossy stone, climbable vines, and jungle vegetation.
27 CHRISTMAS 2012 BG Christmas 2012
25 Gift wrapping paper backgrounds, and ribbon decorations to tie off this 2012 exclusive.
28 LAVA BG Lava 750 15 Lava textured blocks and backgrounds, and a deadly lava fluid that burns you!
29 SWAMP BG Swamp 750 15 Bayou decorations and bog fluid that you can sink in.
30 MARBLE BG Marble 1000 20 Strong bricks and columns of ancient marble.
31 AUTUMN 2014 BG Autumn 2014
25 Autumn package with decorations and crisp leaf backgrounds from 2014!
32 CAVE BG Cave 750 15 Super dark cave backgrounds in 8 awesome colors!
33 ENVIRONMENT BG Environment 500 10 Start building the great outdoors with these 5 natural blocks and backgrounds!
34 DOMESTIC BG Domestic 1500 30 An assortment of homely textures, perfect for interior design! Includes tile, carpet, wallpaper, half blocks and more!
35 HALLOWEEN 2015 BG Halloween 2015
25 Build a haunted house with these dilapidated items. Includes windows and lantern to light up this Halloween 2015 Exclusive!
36 ARCTIC BG Arctic 800 16 Build chilly terrains with these 5 decorative snow cap and frozen blocks! Includes 2 backgrounds.
37 FAIRYTALE BG Fairytale 1250 25 Create your own mythical themed world with these fantasy themed blocks, decorations, and misty backgrounds. Includes gemstone half blocks and a climbable ladder!
38 SUMMER BG Summer 2016
25 Summertime blocks and decorations to build the perfect seaside resort! Available until September 2016.
39 MINE BG Mine 850 17 Explore underground! Cavernous rocks, pretty crystals that morph into 6 distinct colors, and an animated torch decoration!
40 TEXTILE BG Textile 500 10 Soft fabric texture in 5 colorful patterns!
41 HALLOWEEN BG Halloween 2016
17 Spooky dark forest! Build twisted branches with the rotating decoration, creepy peering eyes that morph color, and more!
42 CONSTRUCTION BG Construction
43 TILE BG Tile 750 15 Smooth earth-toned blocks and backgrounds in 10 classic colors.

Notes Edit

Classes Edit

The column "Payvault Class" is the class used by PlayerIO to determine what items the player has.

  • Classes starting with "brick" are directly bought from the Blocks tab in the Energy Shop.
  • "pro" items are obtained through Beta.
  • "goldmember" items are obtained through Gold Membership.

Methods of Obtaining Edit

The column "Obtained From" lists where the item is obtained from.

  • Items obtained for "Free" are items given to you when you register the game.
  • Items obtained from "Beta" are items given to you when you purchase Beta Membership.
  • Items obtained from "Shop" are items you can either buy with Energy and/or Gems in the Energy Shop.
  • Items obtained from "Classic" are items you can buy with Gems in the Classic Shop.
  • Items obtained from "Gold Membership" are obtained from buying Gold Membership.