Auras are items that are displayed to show when a smiley is in 'god mode,' allowing them to move around a world without colliding or interacting with blocks or gravity. God mode can only be toggled if a world owner gives permission to the player. Auras can be aesthetically customized with purchases in the shop; namely shape and/or color.

Aura Shapes Edit

Aura shapes are purchasable items that change the shape of your aura. Some of them have animations, such as rotation.

Shape Name Energy Gems Description Animation Obtainment
Default Default
Static Default
Pinwheel Pinwheel 2500 50 An animated pinwheel for your aura selection. Rotate Energy Shop
Torus Torus 750 15 A ring-like aura shape made possible by Xen90. Static Energy Shop
Ornate Ornate
50-420 Earn yourself some metallic gold items by donating to the game! Membership includes gilded smileys, blocks, aura color, and more! Rotate Gold Membership
Spiral Spiral 2500 50 Want a cool rotating aura? Then this is for you. Rotate Energy Shop
Star Star 1000 20 Reach for the stars! Add a stellar shape to your aura collection. Static Energy Shop

Aura Colors Edit

Aura colors are items that change the color of your aura when selected.

Color Name Energy Gems Description Obtainment
WhiteAura White Aura Color
RedAura Red Aura Color 200 4 Add some red flare to your aura! Energy Shop
BlueAura Blue Aura Color 200 4 Treat yourself to a brilliant blue aura color! Energy Shop
YellowAura Yellow Aura Color 200 4 A bright yellow additive for your aura. Energy Shop
GreenAura Green Aura Color 200 4 Like green? Then this is the aura for you! Energy Shop
PurpleAura Purple Aura Color 200 4 Color your aura with this cool purple glow! Energy Shop
OrangeAura Orange Aura Color 200 4 Turn your aura into a nice hue of orange. Energy Shop
CyanAura Cyan Aura Color 200 4 This one is for the fans of the cyan hue. Energy Shop
GoldAura Gold Aura Color
50-420 Earn yourself some metallic gold items by donating to the game! Membership includes gilded smileys, blocks, aura color, and more! Gold Membership
PinkAura Pink Aura Color 200 4 A pretty shade of pink for your aura. Energy Shop
IndigoAura Indigo Aura Color 200 4 A rich indigo color to addvariety to your aura. Energy Shop
LimeAura Lime Aura Color 200 4 Get this hot lime color to make your aura chic. Energy Shop
BlackAura Black Aura Color 2000 45 Get this to show off your cool black aura! Energy Shop

Modes Edit

All users are able to obtain God Mode, which contains all of the aura customization above. Other modes named after certain staff positions contain auras provided to only certain staff members. Moderators, (who moderate chat/community behavior), have purple names and a matching purple Mod Mode. Admins (who develop the game and do some moderation), have a gold name and a matching Admin Mode. Developers also develop the game, but do not have a special aura or name color, as they do not play as much of a role in the community. The Developers official color, however, is blue.

Mode Name Energy Gems Description Animation Obtainment
AdminMode Admin Mode
Special Administrator Only
ModMode-0 Mod Mode
Special Moderator Only

Trivia Edit

  • Xen90 made the Torus shape.
  • Ornate Aura is the only aura with multiple colors, as a solution to unify an aura with changing color to the main idea of gold membership: gold.
  • Aura colors were originally toggled by the now removed potions, and were not permanent, having to be bought after each use.
  • A blue Dev Mode was almost made for developers, but it was unanimously declined by all staff members.
  • There was a cancelled Sepia Aura Color that was to be released shortly after the pink one. There is promise of an eventual Brown Aura Color to replace this canceled idea, though it is not known when it will be released.

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