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Atchoo10 is a banned famous Everybody Edits player, mainly known for becoming a reviewer. He began Everybody Edits on January 2011 when the new contests started. Atchoo10 is now known all around Everybody Edits. Atchoo10 recently got chat. This user was last seen on: 23 April 2014


Atchoo10 began reviewing games from the inspiration of when Atchoo10 became a Reviewer on Sploder. He was known as Checkthepan. His site has topped the Blogger ladder at around 2 billion total views. Atchoo10 stated he will keep going with reviewing different games when he's on. He stated:

It takes that long to create a review, but it will take that longer to get to the point.
— Atchoo10, at E3

Atchoo10 created the site, Everybody Editings on January 2013 and left the site for 1 month until Atchoo10 decided to review many games. Due to his minor cameo, his site went sky-high and managed 4 million views as of the release of his site. As of February 1, 2013, he reached 90 million views and as of Chinese New Year, he reached 2 billion total views.


Atchoo10 made many appearances, mainly visiting the games, however made a minor cameo in the 2013 Promo Video. That was when his popularity started to climb.


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