An arrow brick is a puzzle, where you have to jump on the edge of the brick to succeed.


They are similar to regular jumps, however they are harder as they only give you about a fifth of the landing space that a regular jump gives. Now with the new physics, if one lands too far off the edge of the brick, the smiley will auto-align off the brick, forcing the player to start over.


Sideways arrow bricks are the hardest, as touching the arrow will push you off the brick. No-grav blocks are safer, since you can still stay on the entire block, but not jump, although they can be exploited by holding space. Up-arrow blocks are not only safe, but they also tell you when you are able to jump, making them the easiest one.


These can be seen in minigames or bosses, or in Stairs levels after main staircase is done.

Tips To BeatEdit


You need to jump on the edges of the bricks. The white squares and lines are safe zones. Take your time and practice on your own if you can't get it down. However, in this example, the player can make a running start and jump across the two-wide blocks non-stop. When using this in a level, make sure to space out the blocks or to lower the ceiling to prevent this exploit.

See also: Boost Arrows

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