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Actions are a type of tile in Everybody Edits. Actions are tiles that affect physics or the player in a special way. There are many ways of obtaining Actions, the most popular being from buying them in the Shop.

Picture Name Energy Gems Description In packs
Keys Default Default - -
Key-gates Default Default - -
Key-doors Default Default - -
GravityAction Gravity Default Default - -
CoinsAction Coins Default Default - -
CrownAction Crown Default Default - -
SpawnpointAction Spawn Point Default Default - -
DiamondAction Diamond (+1) - 1000 - -
TextAction Label/Text - - Only for Staff -
CoindoorActionCoingateAction Coin Doors and Gates 750 20 Doors that open and gates that close when you've collected X coins! Coin Doors/Coin Gates
PianoAction Piano 2000 40 Note that emit piano tunes when touched! Includes the maestro smiley! Piano Package
DrumAction Drum 2000 40 Note that emit drum beats when touched! Includes the DJ smiley! Drum Package
CakeAction Cake (+1) 650 13 When players touch the cake, they become party smileys! Cake
CheckpointAction Checkpoint 600 12 Players respawn at the last checkpoint they touch. Checkpoint
TrophyItem Trophy 625 12 These let you choose where people win or finish. Win brick
PortalAction Portal


13 Teleports players from one place to another! Portal
InvisiportalAction Invisible portal


20 Hidden portals that teleport players from one place to another! Portal
World portal World portal (+1) 1000 20 Transport players between two worlds! Portal
Chains 1500 30 - Medieval
Ladders 1000 20 - Dojo Pack
Purpledoors Purple Switches 1000 20 Purple doors and gates, and switches to toggle them! Levers
VinesAction Vines 1000 20 - Jungle
WaterAction Water Pack 750 15 Time to get soacked! A fluid for smileys to swim in, and also includes oceanic backgrounds and wave crests. Water
SwampAction Swamp Pack 750 15 Bayou decorations and bog fluid that you can sink in. Swamp
TimedoorsAction Timed Doors


20 Doors and Gates that open and close after 5 seconds! Timed Doors
ZombieDoors Zombie Effect


13 Infect players with a horrible disease! Spreads on contact. Zombie Doors/Zombie Gates
BoostsAction Boosts 1500 30 Powerful gravity changers that shoot players at astonishing speeds! Boost
SignAction Sign


30 A morphable sign that displays a message to players who stand on it. Sign
Cm186 Fire


20 Decorative hazard that kills smileys. Fire
Images1012 Spikes


Rotatable hazard that kills smileys.  Spikes
B185B186 Blue Coin Doors and Gates 750 15 Doors that open and gates that close when you've collected X coins! Blue Coin Doors/Blue Coin Gates
HologramAction Hologram (+1) 750 15 Players become hologram smileys upon contact with these. Hologram
Lava 750 15 Lava textured blocks and backgrounds, and a deadly fluid that burns you! Lava
Jump Effect 650 13 Players jump twice as high! Jump
Fly Effect 650 13 Players can leviate by holding space! Fly
Speed Effect 650 13 Players move 50% faster! Speed
Protection Effect 650 13 Players can't die and cured of curse and zombie. Protection
Curse Effect 650 13 Players die after X seconds, the curse is passed on contact! Curse
Team Effect 650 13 Sets player's team to the specified color and toggles specific doors and gates! Team
Ropes 1500 30 - Wild West Pack
Low Gravity Effect 650 13 Reduce the gravity of players who touch it! Low Gravity
Multi-jump Effect 650 13 Give the ability to jump twice, or disallow jumps altogether. Multi-jump
Reset Point 600 12 A tool that allows players to reset their progress in your world! Reset
Ice 600 12 An icy slippery block that reduces friction! Ice
Orange Switches 1000 20 Global switches that trigger everyone! Global Switches
Godmode Block 500 10 Use this tool to give god mode abilities to players in your worlds! Godmode Block
Gravity Effect 650 13 A world upside down! This effect switches the direction of world gravity for anyone who touches it. Gravity effect

Notes Edit

Classes Edit

The column "Payvault Class" is the class used by PlayerIO to determine what items the player has.

  • Classes starting with "brick" are directly bought from the Blocks tab in the Energy Shop.
  • "goldmember" items are obtained through Gold Membership.
  • Items that are "Mixed" are packs that contain separately bought items.

Methods of Obtaining Edit

The column "Obtained From" lists where the item is obtained from.

  • Items obtained for "Free" are items given to you when you register the game.
  • Items obtained from "Shop" are items you can either buy with Energy and/or Gems in the Energy Shop.
  • Items obtained from "Classic" are items you can buy with Gems in the Classic Shop.
  • Items that are "Staff Only" are items players cannot obtain.