AE Crew

To sign up for the AE Crew, please follow the steps.

1. Send an e-mail to Laredotexas( In your e-mail, fill down the page below.

Username: ____________

Max Energy: ________

DOB: __/__/__

  1. of worlds you have: _____
  1. of smileys you have: _____
  1. of packages/blocks you have(excluding noob blocks): _____


1. Inappropiate usernames will not be allowed.

2. Maximum energy determines how much experience you have on EE. If you use coin collector, you will not qualify for AE Crew.

3. DOB lets us know how old you are(for private purposes).

4. We will need lots of worlds to create art. Massive and Great worlds are recommended(but not required) for AE Crew.

5. More smileys means that you have lots of exp. on EE. If you only have the 6 main smileys(Smiley, Grin, Tongue, Happy, Annoyed, Indifferent), you can't qualify.

6. More packages means better art. If you only have noob blocks(Bricks, Blocks, Metal, Grass, etc.), you also can't qualify.

Mandatory Rules:

1. No trolling. Failure to comply will result in an auto kick. We don't care if you troll only a little bit, it still counts as trolling. If you stop another Crew member from creating art, remove portals and coin doors, or trap people, that results in a kick. Use of EE Artist is not allowed, unless the admin allows you to use it.

2. No name-calling or cussing. Calling another Crew member by an inappropiate name, cussing at Guests or other people, etc. will result in a kick.

3. If you give the code to a non-member, we won't say anything. We'll just change the code and give the code to other members(except you).

4. Spamming e-mails or sending inappropiate stuff [ex. inappropiate pictures or emails] will result in a permanent ban. This rule is strictly enforced because spammers will send links to inappropiate websites or advertisements. Don't give any emails to strangers or other people that you don't know.

The testing room consists of 5 levels. 2 Easy, 2 Hard, and 1 Pro. You will have to pass the testing room in order to qualify. If you don't pass the first time, you get a 2nd chance. The test will also be timed. You will have 30 minutes to complete it. If you exceed the time limit, that counts as a fail.

We're still working on the AE Crew, and it isn't ready yet. We'll let you know when it's open(when we delete this).

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